Wireless Light Weight Deflectometer

Wireless Lightweight Deflectometer


Equipment "Basic"

Light Weight Deflectometer

Light Weight Deflectometer

> Drop weight 10 kg

> Measuring range 15 – 70 MN/m² Evd

> Stable wireless data transmission, particularly important in civil engineering

> powerful Li-ion battery

> Angular catch handle to prevent rolling movements during transport

> high-quality chemical Ni electroplating for perfect protection against corrosion

> Automatic calibration reminder 6 weeks before expiry date

> including WEBERconnect app from Google Play Store® for your own smartphone

> including ANT dongle and adapters

> WEBERconnect App for Android

> Full operation of the LWD via WEBERconnect app


> Different languages selectable

> GPS – system of the smartphone for positioning (selectable)

> Documentation in PDF and CSV data format

> Manual entry of various information

> Add a measurement point photo to the report using a smartphone

> PDF protocol creation including company and user data, company logo,

> Information: Company, construction project, location and measuring point photo

> Measurement results are automatically archived by construction project

> Sending individual or multiple PDF logs

> Measurement results can also be sent as raw data and/or in CSV format



Equipment "Smart"

Light Weight Deflectometer - app

Light Weight Deflectometer - app

Equipment identical to "Basic" - additionally with:

> Smartphone without SIM lock and free for every provider

> Function possible offline and without a Google account

> Registration in the company's own IT system is not necessary

> The smartphone is preconfigured and includes a set-up WEBERconnect app

> No private or company smartphone required

> All app functions are available as with the “Basic” equipment

> Optional WEBERconnect Pro app, e.g. for creating group reports, route to the measuring point



Equipment "Smart & Print""

Light Weight Deflectometer - app and printer

Light Weight Deflectometer - app and printer

Equipment identical to “Smart” – additionally with:

> mobile wireless WEBERconnect thermal printer with powerful lithium battery

> Direct receipt printout after the measurement or later from the history possible

> Receipt printout with logo, name, contact details, measurement results, measurement curves, position coordinates, labels

> Receipt print file also available and sendable as PDF

> optional WEBERconnect Pro app, for example for creating group reports, or route to the measuring point

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