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With the WEBERconnect app, there is a direct, wireless interface between an LWD WEBERconnect Light Weight Deflectometer and an Android smartphone. With the app, the LWD WEBERconnect can be controlled and read.

All our Light Weight Deflectometer not only determine the settlements in the load plate, but also calculate the Evd - value in the load plate and output this as a result together with the s/v value, the curves, the date and the time.

Thanks to this technology, it is possible, to replace the previously supplied handheld, which functions as a pure display device and printer, with the WEBERconnect app (without printing function) or to supplement it.

Thus, the delivery can be reduced by one module. So if you do not necessarily have to print on the construction site, you can do without the handheld when purchasing it in the future.

Since the WEBERconnect app is also used exclusively for display purposes and not for calculating the results, it is also not necessary to enter a calibration factor into the app. For calibration purposes, as usual, only the load plate and its associated loading deviceare needed.

The WEBERconnectapp now makes it possible to transmit measurement results in real time to a given server. Thanks to this innovative technology, future requirements can already be met today, in which all data and information of a construction project be entered in a database specified by the client/contractor without manipulation.

Alternatively, this app can be used to generate and send individual and group logs including the company header in PDF format. If you would like to use the WEBER PC software for documentation, you can use the app to send the encoded raw measurement data directly from the construction site to the office.

After extensive testing, the WEBERconnect App will soon be available for download in various variants free of charge and free of advertising in the Google Play Store.

In the basic version, the app runs in German and English. Other languages are available as options. The app is compatible with all LWD WEBERconnect fall weight devices already on the market. Prerequisite is only a firmware update of the load plate.

All measured values for illustration only !

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